Monday, January 31, 2011

Veri Soy Vegetarian Ham Roll

I really love this product! It adds a pretty good smokey, hammy flavor to foods. It's not really meant to be eaten alone like a Christmas ham, but works really well cubed and added to things. For this year's Holiday Dinner, we cubed up about half a roll and threw it into our Brussels sprouts dish. Delicious! I'm also a fan of throwing a little into some fried rice for flavor!

Now, this ham roll is a little tricky to find. There's not much information on it online, but I did a little digging. I found this at an Asian grocery store, where they have many products by Veri Soy. However, there is almost no online literature on the company! It turns out the parent company of Veri Soy is really an affiliate of VegeUSA. They sell vegetarian products under the names Vegetarian Plus (which I have found at Whole Foods) and Veri Soy (which is found at Asian markets), as well as just selling directly to food service. I'm willing to bet that most of their business is actually directly to food service, since it's almost impossible to find any information on their products!

So if you're in the market for a vegetarian ham roll, first check out your neighborhood Asian market. If it's not there, perhaps it can be found under one of the alternate names! ALSO (and this is very important if you are vegan), some versions of it contain egg whites, so remember to read the label to make sure you have the right one! If you're like me and love egg whites anyways, then either version would work ;-)

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