View of the Chicago River from Flatwater Grill
View of the Chicago River from Flatwater Grill
Hello :) Thanks for stopping by!

This is a photo documentary of my food life. I'm always seeking out new ways to experience healthy, nutritious food while living my big city life in downtown Chicago. This blog can be an outlet so that others can come along for the adventures!

I originally set up this blog as an experiment because a friend asked me to. It started when I was involved in a private group cooking blog, and a few other friends wanted to read along. Since the other blog was locked for participants & active members only, I set this one up to post my entries publicly.

Now that the group cooking blog is just about defunct, I've evolved this blog from just being a re-posting of my challenge entries. While still food-related, the focus of the blog has shifted from just posting my entries for my formal group cooking challenges, to including any and all of the following:
  • personal cooking challenges (not part of the group cooking blog)
  • reviews of my favorite restaurants, foods, recipes, and books
  • recommendations on venues, restaurants, foods, etc in the city
  • tips for quick & healthy veggie-centered meals
  • whatever else I learn along the way
Feel free to look around and leave comments - I'd like to know what you think ;)

About Me
PhotobucketI'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian living in downtown Chicago. I love food, and can't get enough of it! Like most people, I'm a social creature, and much of my socializing revolves around food and drinking. However, I like living a balanced lifestyle, and am interested nutrition, fitness, and health in general. My food choices definitely reflect that.

I'm a triathlete, so when I'm not training, I'm constantly eating--at least 5 times a day, if not more. Obviously, I enjoy food very much, but I'm also very conscious of making healthy choices most of the time. Contrary to what most people think, this does not mean I'm stuck eating BORING food all the time; in fact, it's forced me to be more exploratory in terms of the number of new things I eat. I like trying out new things, and share what I've learned with others. This blog helps me do just that!

My Partner in Crime... Ahem, I mean, Cooking
PhotobucketLet me introduce you to my cooking partner, David! Without him, I probably would have stopped blogging once my group cooking blog group disbanded. But now that I have a real-life cooking partner for these challenges, we've continued on with our experimentations in livin' la vida veggie!

David is also a lacto-ovo vegetarian living in downtown Chicago. He loves entertaining and always has people over at his house. This is great for our challenges, since that gives us automatic taste testers for our food adventures, for better or worse. It's also good to have feedback to re-affirm the successes (or sometimes failures) of our cooking challenges. Together, we're able to branch out into cuisines we may not have tried on our own, as well as share our love of food with our friends.