Challenges make up the cornerstone of this blog! First it was my cooking blog challenging its members on a monthly(-ish) basis to try out different recipes, foods, or cooking styles. Then, friends challenged us to make things to their specifications! Finally, we peppered in our own challenges, both in the kitchen and out. Want to read up on the results of our all these challenges? Then you've come to the right place!

Urban Foodie Challenges
These are challenges we took upon ourselves to do! We controlled what, when, and how to do everything. These will mostly be recipe-testing challenges, or veganization of existing recipes.
Iron Chef Group Blog Challenges
These were my submissions to my group blog cooking challenges. Usually, someone in the group challenges everyone else to some sort of themed cooking challenge, and then we all have a specific amount of time (usually 1-2 weeks) to come up with something, then post recipes, pictures, and a review of how it turned out.
Lake's Cooking Challenges
Around the time of my group cooking challenges, our friend Lake would sometimes challenge us to do additional things in terms of pushing the envelope with our cooking. He liked having us experiment with different types of ingredients that we may not have been used to using. Also, he's vegan. So many of our challenges (prompted by him or not) are vegan-friendly so that he can help taste our results!
Personal Challenges
Finally, this section is for personal challenges that we set upon ourselves in terms of daily living/ lifestyle challenges... Also known as non-cooking challenges.