Friday, January 21, 2011

Cavi-Art: Vegan Caviar

Cavi-Art Vegan Caviar was our go-to quick appetizer option. Made from seaweed, Cavi-Art is a vegan product with the gel-like consistency with slight fishy flavor that can be easily substitute caviar at parties! Unfortunately, it is no longer available in the US :( That's too bad, because it has a longer shelf life than regular caviar, can be used in all types of dishes for both flavoring and decoration, and does not harm fish populations! It's also low fat, low salt, and cholesterol free... The perfect snack, really. Hopefully there will be enough complaints in the US that they'll bring it back; otherwise, we're stuck just having to visit Europe if we want some ;-)

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Tina D said...

Just in time for holiday entertaining, I found a supplier of this vegan caviar in the US and I just ordered!
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