Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cousin's Incredible Vitality

I had the pleasure of trying out Cousin's Incredible Vitality (3038 W Irving Park Rd) this past week. According to their website, they're an Organic Living Foods and Vegan Eatery, which basically means they're just a raw vegan place. The food was fairly good, and the waitress was friendly and helpful. I may go back once in a while for the novelty of it, but this trip confirmed the fact that the raw vegan lifestyle is definitely not for me!

It was really cold when I went (yay for Novembers in Chicago!!), so the first thing I did was order a "jug" of their warm Longevity Tea. According to their menu, it's the "Healthiest Tea on Earth"! The tea came out in a French press, plenty for two people. It was nice and warm, which was good for the cold, but it had an artificially sweet taste that I wasn't sure I liked.

Per usual, I was starving when we got to the restaurant, so we ordered a "mezze sampler" trio of appetizers. We chose the thin crust mini flaxseed pizzas, the fak'n bacon poppers, and the mujver. Unfortunately they didn't have the mujver, so we ordered the hummus instead. All three were very good, and I'd highly recommend all of them!

For the entree, I couldn't decide whether to try out their moussaka or the burrito. Since they were out of moussaka anyways, it made that decision easy, so I ordered the burrito.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of it! But by the time I got to the second half, I'd gotten tired of it. Even though I wasn't full, I didn't end up finishing it. I think it was just too big, and the taste of it just got old after a while. If I come back, I'll probably just opt to get 3-4 appetizers as my main course so that there's more variety on my palate.

Of course, I had to order dessert! They brought out a dessert platter to choose from, and I got to apple "cheesecake". It was ok, but not too spectacular. I much preferred the raw pumpkin "cheesecake" I had at Chicago Diner.

All in all, it was a fairly pleasant experience. The tea and the dessert were fine, but nothing that I'm not dying to come back for. The appetizer platter and the first half of my burrito were fantastic! On my return trip, I'd be interested in trying out other things on their menu. I'll probably opt for an appetizer platter and/or a trip to their all-you-can eat salad bar.

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