Monday, November 17, 2008

Chicago Diner: Healthy Vegan Food

A few weeks ago, I went Halloween costume shopping with two friends. We decided to grab lunch before heading to the costume shop. We went to one of our usual hangouts, the Chicago Diner (3411 N Halsted St). By a stroke of luck, I happened to have my camera with me since I'd planned on taking pictures of us trying on costumes. I was able to get this mini-adventure on film (er, memory stick?), and record what we ate that fateful afternoon. It'll go down in history as the day of the 6 vegan milkshakes!!

Before we even got there, I had a craving for a chocolate chip cookie dough vegan shake, and one of my friends wanted a strawberry one. We weren't sure what we were eating for lunch, but we definitely knew what we were drinking! When we sat down, we ordered our shakes and looked over the menu.

They recently re-did their menu but most of the old favorites are still there. Per usual, I couldn't decide between getting the seitan gyros (my favorite item on the menu) or the Reuben (my second favorite). My two friends decided they wanted to try out some of the new items on the menu, so they ordered the faux chicken nuggets and the sweet potato fries with vegan nacho cheeze as appetizers.

We finally decided on our entrees, and I ended up ordering whatever their sandwich special was. I think it was a chik'n panini with various veggies on it (clearly it wasn't that memorable, and unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it). I'm most likely not going to order it again since there are so many other yummy things on the menu that's fantastic that are more memorable.

Once our food came, we realized we hadn't gotten our shakes yet. The waiter apologized, and once they came out, he gave us three extra mini-shakes since we had to wait so long. Unfortunately, they brought me a chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter shake instead of just a plain chocolate chip cookie dough :-( So he let us keep the PB shake and brought mine out once he placed the right order in.

So yeah, after all the confusion cleared up, we ended up with 6 shakes between the 3 of us. In the end, we each had a healthy, nutrition lunch consisting of chik'n nuggets, sweet potato fries with cheeze, sandwiches, and 2 milkshakes each. NIIIIICE.

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