Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cooking Light Challenge - Part 1!!

I tried out three recipes for a challenge I'm doing for a group cooking blog. The challenge was to test out a recipe from the Cooking Light website or publication. I decided to do 3 recipes instead of just one, since I had a friend helping me out.

I found all three recipes from the Cooking Light Website, but the last one was from Sunset, not Cooking Light, so it won't count in the challenge :( (I'm still reporting about it, though, because it was good!)

Here are all of the original recipes:
Roasted Root Vegetables with Walnut Pesto (Cooking Light, November 2007)
Velvety Squash Soup (Cooking Light, November 2007)
Chocolate Tofu Mousse (Sunset, October 1998)

All three recipes turned out to be a huge success!! My first time cooking parsnips and turnips turned out fairly well AND we made a nice fall/holiday soup AND we even got to have a decadent dessert :) Not only that, but all of the recipes were pretty easy to make, and we finished all three within an hour and a half (including chopping/prep, about an hour in the oven for all the veggies, plating, and clean-up).

So that it's easier to search the recipes later, I'm blogging about each one separately. See the following related posts to read about our adventures in making the Roasted Root Vegetables, the Velvety Squash Soup, and the Chocolate Tofu Mousse.

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