Monday, July 8, 2013

Texas Road Trip

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Next up on my “Things I did on my Summer Vacation” Report (aka my “Blogging Hiatus” Report): Time to discuss my TEXAS ROAD TRIP! Lots of food-themed adventures during that trip that I’d like to share. Plus, it’ll be good to keep those places in mind in case I’m ever around that way again!

I embarked on this journey because one of my very good friends from college decided to move to Texas to go back to school. Definitely sad to see her go, but as part of my friend duty, I agreed to help her move down there. She got rid of most of her big furniture, so it was just the two of us in her parents’ SUV, with everything she kept that could fit inside.

We definitely checked out some awesome stops on our adventures from Yankee Country to the Deep South (Am I calling them the right things? Or do I sound like a Northerner trying to speak “Southern”? Y’all??) Our way southward tried to hit as many large cities as possible. Two city gals from the north were already out of our element crossing the Mason Dixon line, so we at least wanted to stick with metropolitan areas so we weren’t COMPLETELY out of place!

The route we ended up taking was from Chicago to Indianapolis to Memphis to Dallas, and finally to Austin. During the trip we also decided to start collecting Starbucks city mugs at each place we visited, so we both have nice food memories AND coffee mementos of the journey. Stay tuned for a recap of all the foodie things I did during this trip!

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