Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Indy: The Start of Our Starbucks Mug Obsession

The first leg of our Texas Road Trip was the shortest one- Chicago to Indianapolis. It was just supposed to be a short, starter-leg of our trip, where we would stop by her parents’ house in Indy to drop off some of her stuff she didn’t want to take with her to Texas.

However, it felt like the longest since my friend, who is perpetually running late, kept pushing back our departure time. First it was 2pm, then 4pm, then 8pm. I don’t think she actually picked me up at my apartment until after midnight! And of course we were both starving since we had expected to by in Indy by dinnertime!

I’m pretty sure we stopped by somewhere stupid like Wendy’s since it was the only thing open that we could find on the road that late! We finally arrived at her parents’ place in Indy at 3:30am and went straight to bed. Nothing special, so I won’t bore you with those details.

Funny story though. I woke up the next morning at 10am, which I didn’t think was all that late considering I didn’t fall asleep until 4am. However, when I went out of the guest bedroom to find my friend, who had crashed on the couch, I found she wasn’t there! I went out to the driveway and the car was gone! Of course, I had the unfounded fear that I had slept too late and she went on to Memphis without me. So I texted her asking where she was.

I had no response for 3 hours, while I just lounged around their huge empty house wondering what the heck was going on. Finally, my friend came sleepily down the stairs at 1pm. She’d mentioned that her mother had woken her that morning and offered to let her sleep in their bed since her parents were both up. When I mentioned that the car was missing, my alarmed friend ran to the driveway to verify I wasn’t going crazy!

Alas! We both decided that her mom’s suggestion of sleeping in the bedroom was just a ruse so that we wouldn’t notice they took the car! So, with no ride any nothing else to do, we decided to make breakfast.

We diced up a red onion and some bell peppers that my friend had brought from her apartment; she’d originally just intended to donate them to her parents since she knew they might not make it to Texas very well. So we decided to just use them in a frittata. Her parents also had a ton of potatoes and some pancake mix in the pantry, so we used those for breakfast as well. (IMO, I can make better pancakes than what comes from a mix, but since it was there, we just used it).

Halfway through cooking, her parents came home; apparently they had brought the car in for a tune-up and it took longer than expected! Her aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandma also came out of the woodwork as the smells of breakfast started wafting through the house (the seemingly empty house was apparently full of my friends’ visiting relatives!) Her childhood friend happened to also be visiting his parents’ house nearby, so he also stopped by for our mid-afternoon breakfast!

Her mom made coffee and gave me her Starbucks mug to keep since I was a guest in Indy. So began our Starbucks City Mug obsession. Our impromptu brunch spurred the start of our respective collections!

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