Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Greenbush: The Hidden Gem of the Trip

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I LOVE this place!

Nestled in the pretty nondescript town of Sawyer, Michigan about 12 miles from the Michigan/Indiana border, Greenbush Brewery is in fact, fairly surprising! I'm not sure what's more surprising- that it's in the middle of nowhere, or that is serves such good food and beer DESPITE being in the middle of nowhere. It's good enough that I convinced my parents to stop there TWICE on the way to/from visiting my sister in Ann Arbor. My travel buddy has also convinced his parents to lunch there on occasion so they can bring him back a growler of something when they do. The beer there is so good, he doesn't even have to specify what beer to bring since it's all good!

It's a tiny little facility with a small taproom to match. It's a one-room bar with less than 10 tables (probably closer to 5 that first time we went) and just the bar area. It doesn't matter much anyways, there aren't that many people in the area!

We stopped by there on our way home from Kalamazoo on our Anti-DLD Brew Tour to grab some lunch and perhaps a growler. We ordered a few appetizers to share as well as some sandwiches. It was all pretty good. You could tell everything was made fresh.
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Since we were on the road, we split one taster tray (6 tasters) between the four of us. Everything was delicious! I definitely enjoyed the Anger black IPA, and its corresponding Imperial Black IPA (the Rage). Other favorites of the table included the Isole, which was a Belgian. I also enjoyed the Sunspot despite it being a fairly light-ish beer.
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I've already been back twice since that first time during our Anti-DLD trip, and it never disappoints! The latest time I visited, the tap room had expanded, and they offered many of their beers to-go in bottles! I tried the Brother Benjamin, which their very delicious Imperial IPA. I still have a few more beers at my parents' house that I haven't tried yet. Perhaps it's time to pay them a visit soon and report back here! ;-)

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