Friday, April 13, 2012

The Vegetarian Cookbook

As part of my Great Recipe Challenge of 2012, I've so far only blogged about recipes I found online during my search for a potluck contribution. However, what originally got me into the idea of doing a recipe challenge was my friend's suggestion to watch Julie & Julia, a movie about a food blogger who tried every single recipe in Julia Child's first cookbook. My friend suggested I go in a similar vein for my own food blog, since I'm generally pretty sporadic about trying new stuff and posting about it. However, since I'm so picky with my food choices, going through a single cookbook didn't make sense for me, since most things wouldn't fit under my nutritional preferences!

So I've been going through several of my cookbooks and trying to flush out recipes I would like to blog about. I thought this might be a good time to start introducing which cookbooks I'll be blogging from, before I randomly start pulling recipes from them. Obviously I'd like to give the cookbooks their due credit!

The first cookbook I decided I would like to feature is The Vegetarian Cookbook: The Practical Guide to Preparing and Cooking Delicious Vegetarian Meals. This book was gifted to me several years ago by my aunt and uncle, a few years after I became vegetarian. Looking through it, I thought it was a good resource, as many of the recipes rely on natural ingredients that are commonly available at most grocery stores. I know with modern technology in the food sciences, there are now so many different products that many vegetarian/vegan cookbooks depend on. I like that this one keeps it simple without depending on too many things that require a trip to a specialty store!

Of course, whether any of these recipes are any good is still to be determined! I guess that'll be my task for the recipe challenge!

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