Friday, June 21, 2013

Hey There Stranger!

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Hello again after another long hiatus! In my last entry, I was embarking on a Julie/Julia-esque project in which I had planned on try out various recipes from one of my many vegetarian cookbooks. Alas, that project got completely put aside in favor of tri and marathon training! And beer adventures!

I ended up doing a number of long-distances races last season and early this year, starting with a Half Ironman in August, a marathon in October, pacing a friend for a 100-mile run in November, and a cross country ski half marathon in February. Whew! If all that wasn’t enough, then I immediately started tri training again and completed another Half Ironman just last week! Needless to say, all that training left little time for cooking and experimenting.

The good news for all my blog readers is that I’ve decided to retire from long-distance racing for a bit to return to my *OTHER* interests.... Including martial arts, music, and of course FOOD!

With that, I intend to pick up where I left off last year and begin my recipe testing and experimentation from the Vegetarian Cookbook! I’ve already gone through the cookbook and marked which recipes seemed interesting to me. My goal is to do at least one recipe a week. This is a good project for me since it will at least ensure that I’m not eating out ALL the time :)

Per usual, I’m a bit of a persnickety cook, so I’m sure there will be modifications and substitutions galore. Hopefully if I still have readers out there, you’ll join me on this adventure!

While I’m busy brushing up on my cooking skills (it might take me a while to get the ball rolling!), I’ll try to keep your interest piqued in the meantime by doing a few summary posts of my food adventures of the past year! This blog was intended to document my entire FOOD life, not just my COOKING life, so I’d like to include some of the cool places I’ve been since I haven’t really been cooking! Stay tuned for that in my next post! In the meantime, here's a picture of my plate at my friend's wedding over a year ago :) Yes, it's been THAT long!

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