Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Operation: Pantry Raid

Looking through my cupboards, I decided the Great Recipe Challenge would also be a great time to do a PANTRY RAID project.

Yes. I said Pantry Raid.

The idea here would be empty out my pantry. I'm sure I'm not the only one who happens to collect various items in my pantry that should probably be used as they're only sitting there getting older! Things in my pantry collecting dust include:
  • canned and dried beans, 
  • several types of pastas (many of them inherited from a friend when she moved out of the country), 
  • bulk steel cut oats, 
  • bulk quinoa, 
  • various other grains, 
  • popcorn kernels,
  • various flours from when I made gluten-free cake pops,
  • canned mock meats, and 
  • assorted spices. 
That doesn't even touch on freezer items such as:
  • frozen veggies, 
  • frozen fruits, 
  • mock meats, 
  • bread, tortillas, etc. 
 I'm sure I could go on, but I didn't care to look that far into the depths of my pantry & freezer!

So my self-imposed assignment, in addition to trying out new recipes to support my athletic endeavors, will be to buy mostly fresh items when grocery shopping and mainly rely on non-perishables that are already in my kitchen!

Sure, this may mean I'll be eating a lot of pasta, oats, and quinoa in the coming weeks & months! I'm going to guess this project will take up most of the summer, so perhaps it's just in time for me to ramp up my training volume (and carb intake!) so it's perfect timing!!

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