Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sunday Dinners

A good friend of mine recently got married and has since developed an interest in learning how to cook good, healthy meals. Prior to getting married, she often ate out, ordered in, or resorted to boxed prepackaged microwavable meals. As a fun thing to do together, she has enlisted me into cooking with her from time to time, usually once or twice a month. We generally pore over recipes, decide on a menu, go grocery shopping, and then prepare our home-cooked meal for her husband and any other friends we invite over for the evening. It's definitely a fun way to hang out on a Sunday afternoon/evening!

It occurred to me that all this time, I should have been blogging about our creations! So as part of my holiday challenge, I'll start posting pictures & recipes of our dinners, especially the ones that turned out particularly well and/or those that fit within my Precision Nutrition diet standards! This week, our dinner consisted of a spinach salad, a chickpea and vegetable tagine, and roasted poached pears with a balsamic glaze.

I'll post recipes for the dishes we did this week, as well as some of the recipes we'd done before, if I can find them ;-) If I can't, I'll just post pictures, and we'll all just WISH I remembered how to make them again :-P Though, please excuse the picture quality, as most of these Sunday dinner pictures were taken on my iPhone!

Stay tuned for this week's recipes!!

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