Friday, October 7, 2011

Precision Nutrition

Before I start posting the recipes to this week's Sunday dinner, I wanted to talk a little more about the plan I'm following. I've been trying to make sure I'm being compliant with the Precision Nutrition guidelines in addition to following the exercise program. So all the recipes I chose are should fit, I think (hey, I'm just learning!) One thing I like about the program is that it stresses that at first, you just have to *try* to follow the guidelines. If you're not exactly sure, that's ok, since the idea is that you're easing yourself into it, and at least you're becoming *more* compliant that you were before reading the book and starting the plan!

The thing I like the most about Precision Nutrition is that it also give exercise recommendations based on your goals. So it really is a complete system! Since I'm trying to lose fat, I'm following the month-long Woman's Guide to Body Transformation. Since this is a food blog, I won't go into too much details about the workout program (I'll save that for my training blog). But it does go a little bit into detail about the Precision Nutrition system, way at the bottom of the guide where it talks about the nutrition portion of the body transformation program.

While I highly recommend buying PN and reading it for yourself, the guidelines listed on the page I linked is a good place to start:
1. Eat about 4 – 5x a day and don’t wait so long between meals.
2. Include lean, complete protein at every meal and snack.
3. Include veggies at every meal and snack.
4. Include a variety of healthy fats.
5. Consume carbohydrate-rich foods only after exercise.

Ever since starting the program, I've definitely been conscious about trying to eat every 2-4 hours, getting my protein, veggies, and good fats in (yaaay, avocados!), and "saving" carbs for after exercise. I'm still trying to figure it out, since one day I find myself starving all day long, while I'm not hungry at all the next day. But I guess it's all a learning process, which I already know how to do, since I've done it before! Just need to remember and get back to it!

Anyways, those are the general guidelines I'll be trying to follow, both for the Holiday Challenge, as well as life in general ;-) We'll see how I end up, and what kinds of cool recipes I can come up with in the process! I'll keep you all updated as I follow this thing through!

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