Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Different Kind of Holiday Challenge for 2011

Hey, loyal readers! If you're still out there, sorry for the absence! I'd totally meant to pick up where I left off blogging about my trip to New Orleans last February, but got a bit sidetracked with life in the process :( Now it's October, and I've realized that my New Year's Resolutions have gone the way of most: uncompleted!

To be fair, I'd been battling a running injury which actually turned out to be a biking injury that manifests only while running. So while I'd thought I was resting it and letting it heal by not running and biking instead, I was actually making it worse! By the time I'd realized what was happening, half the season was over, my injury had gotten progressively worse, and I was barely running at all. A whole lot of yoga and massages later, it's still not 100% better, but signs are improving, as I did a 6-mile run last weekend- my longest run since June!

Since my New Year's Resolution will not come to fruition for the first time in 5 years, I decided to challenge two friends to a different kind of Holiday Challenge.... A diet and fitness challenge!

My personal challenge is to lose 7% body fat by New Year's Eve, which comes out to about a half a percent a week. I started last week, and I've already lost 0.6%, according to my Omron Body Fat monitor! I plan on posting the trials and tribulations of my food journey here in this blog, while recounting my exercise adventures in my training blog.

As a guideline to what I'll be eating, I'm planning on using the plant-based version of Precision Nutrition to plan my meals and help me get leaner. I'm looking forward to trying it out and blogging about my journey this holiday season!

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