Monday, October 3, 2011

Grocery Shopping!!

Ok, I'm a huge nerd. One of my favorite things to do when starting a new diet is to go grocery shopping! It makes me feel pretty empowered to stay on track-- since I already bought the food, I may as well eat it!

I've complied a list of my favorite things to buy while dieting. Obviously, I also have condiments and spices in my kitchen, but these are the items that I make sure to keep re-stocking on a regular basis. Most of the stuff on Berardi's Precision Nutrition Superfood list are already on the grocery list, so yay me! I must be doing something right ;-)

- Omega-3 Eggs
- Egg whites or Egg Beaters
- Greek Yogurt, Friendship Whipped Cottage Cheese
- Tempeh, Tofu, Seitan (especially Field Roast & Uptons Naturals)
- Beans (black, pinto, kidney, garbanzo)

Fruits & Veggies
- Dark, Leafy Greens (spinach, kale, collards, turnip greens mustard greens, etc)
- Lettuce (usually mesclun, though sometimes butter or bibb)
- Tomatoes
- Red, Yellow, or Green Peppers
- Broccoli/ Cabbage/ Cauliflower/ Carrots
- Berries
- Citrus fruits

- Olive oil, grapeseed oil
- Avocados
- Flax Seeds
- Nuts, Nut butters

Pantry Staples
- Cocoa powder, coffee, dark chocolate
- All-fruit spread, honey, raw sugar, maple syrup
- Quinoa, steel cut oats, rolled oats
- Whey protein

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