Monday, June 24, 2013

Adventures of Anti-Dark Lord Day!

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My first adventure after dropping off the face of this blog was to commiserate not being able to get tickets to Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds, only one of the greatest days of the year for a dark beer fanatic like myself.

Last year, it was sadly impossibly hard to get tickets. I had about 10 friends waiting by their computers when tickets went on sale, and only 1 friend was able to get one. They only allow you to buy two in the first place, and my friend actually didn’t get one himself; his cousin was the lucky one who scored two! So the rest of us were left with nothing but sadness, jealousy, and a free weekend!

So my other friends and I decided we would take a trip to other breweries that weekend instead. If we weren’t able to buy the beer we wanted, we would at least be able to try out a variety of others. The group that went was really into craft microbrews, to actually getting to visit where the beers are made is pretty special. Even if they're not the beers we were looking forward to getting ALL YEAR! Of course to dark beer fans, Dark Lord is THE beer, so hard to top!

We ended up having a blast! We visited 4 breweries in Michigan and they were all pretty freaking fantastic. (You can probably guess 3 of them from the first picture above!) Plus, being in Michigan and training for a half ironman gave the perks of being able to enjoy some car-free trails on my bike! I’ll talk about each place we visited, in separate posts, but the pic below should be able to give you a clue as to the success of our trip!
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Read about each stop here:
New Holland

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