Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Picadillo Sin Carne

This is my take on my mom's Picadillo con Carne recipe that she always made for us when I was growing up.  Since I became vegetarian 8 years ago, it's been a while since I've had my mom's version!  But I visited recently and was able to make this out of some things she had around the house.The key ingredient in vegan-izing the recipe is finding a suitable sub for the Carne de res (not that I'm vegan, but there aren't any animal products involved besides the beef!)  

Serendipitously, my mom had recently gone grocery shopping, and when she knows I'm visiting, she usually picks up some sort of veg protein/ meat sub.  This week, she had happened to buy Upton's Naturals Chorizo Seitan:

This ended up being the perfect sub and gave the dish a nice latino flair!  It's a pretty simple recipe that's quick to prepare, and the macros are perfect for a post-workout meal!  

Picadillo Sin Carne (Adapted from Mom's recipe)
olive oil
1 - 8oz package of Upton's Naturals Chorizo Seitan.  Though I'm sure any veggie ground beef sub would work.
5 - small yellow potatoes, cubed.  Or similar quantity of any other type of potato.  Can adjust "beef":potato ratio to taste or to fit your diet/macros.
1/4 cup - onion, minced
1 - tomato, cubed
1 Tbsp - garlic, minced
pinch of salt 
dash of black pepper
splash of Maggi seasoning (optional)

Saute potatoes and seitan with olive oil in large frying pan on medium-high heat, breaking up the seitan crumbles, until potatoes are lightly browned.  Add onion and continue to saute until translucent.  Add tomato, garlic, salt, and pepper, and saute until tomato and onions begin to caramelize.  Add enough water to cover the bottom of the pan and season with a dash of Maggi seasoning.  Cover and turn heat to low, simmering until potatoes are thoroughly cooked.

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