Friday, November 6, 2015

Next Door Brewing Company: Skip

We had high hopes for Next Door Brewing Company.  It was a short Uber ride from our hotel, and it was highly recommended by one of my traveling companions' beer buddies.  We had checked out the food menu and the beer list online, and it seemed like it'd be a good choice for dinner after we checked into our hotel in Madison.  

We should have known this wasn't the case, when we first walked in!

For one thing, there wasn't a host at the host stand.  Since we weren't sure if it was a restaurant-style brewpub (where the host seats you) or a bar-style brewpub (where you can sit wherever you want), we just stood there awkwardly until we were able to flag down someone who looked like they worked there.  

We did get seated fairly promptly, and my friend asked about their $2 Badger shots that they had on special, as indicated by a prominent sign on the wall.  We were told it was red and not very good.  Huh.  Interesting.

We then ordered a sampler of 4 of our choosing.  We decided to go with a variety including an IPA, a Red Ale, an Oktoberfest, and a Stout.  This is where Next Door broke a record: none of us liked any of them!  They were all pretty mediocre tasting, to be frank.  

Unfortunately for them, their food wasn't any better.  My friend and I both ordered their Cauliflower Saffron soup.  Just like the beer, it also tasted like nothing.  I thought perhaps I was overcritical of the soup, until I saw that my friend was adding salt and pepper to hers like crazy.  

In addition to the soup, I also had the world's smallest salad.  Perhaps I'd been spoiled, having been served ginormous salads at Horny Goat and Milwaukee Ale House.  I was definitely not impressed.  Unfortunately for my friend, she ordered the mac and cheese and ended up seriously burning the inside of her mouth (even though she had eaten her entire soup prior to trying the mac and cheese).  

Not a good experience all around.  We ended up not finishing the little tasters and just going to a different bar down the street that our Uber driver had recommended.  

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