Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Great Recipe Challenge of 2012

One thing I'm totally guilty of (which is a reason why my blogging on here has been so sporadic) is always eating the same foods all the time.

I was recently invited to a Foodie Potluck. My friend invited all her foodie friends to bring a dish to share for dinner this Sunday. Of course, the first thing I did upon receiving the invite was to come here on my blog and look over my favorite old recipes.

While there's something to be said about bringing an old favorite that you know is delicious to this type of event, I began to think I was missing the point. I think she had wanted to invite us over so that we can test out new recipes to share with the group.

So off I went searching online and my cookbooks.

As I was thumbing though my various books, I realized how many recipes I hadn't tried! And that got me thinking about how many more recipes I'd seen online that I wanted to try out but also never got around to.

The same friend who is hosting this potluck had actually suggested to me months ago that I check out the movie Julia Julia about a blogger who tries out every single one of Julia Child's recipes in her first cookbook (of course, I never got around to seeing that movie either!) She had suggested that I do something similar, perhaps with a vegetarian cookbook.

While there isn't a single cookbook I own, nor do I know of one in existence, that completely embodies my food lifestyle, I think it's a great idea to start trying out more recipes and/or modifying ones I already have in my books/bookmarks to fit my lifestyle.

So there you have it. My great recipe challenge of 2012. To try out new and different recipes, either as written or modified to suit my needs as a vegetarian endurance athlete looking for nutritious and delicious dishes that are fit to serve my friends at potlucks, holiday parties, and everything in between!

First stop: figuring out what to bring to Sunday's potluck!

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